make up your mind–what mind?

16 February 2007

Conservatives are anal in the classic sense of the word, aren’t they? It’s that automatic, knee-jerk desire for propriety, adherence to ritual, sublimated longing for approval. It’s interesting that, in a conservative mind, all innovation is wrong–until it stops being innovation and enters the cultural mainstream. It’s almost as if they could not make up their own minds as to what is good or not good–or, at least, what they themselves like and dislike–unless they have the (dead) weight of history and the hallowed sanction of tradition on their side. Despite their individualistic claims they so often seem to be nothing but poor little populists, indecisive and almost uncapable of any action unsanctioned. Poor lost puppies they are. We should pity them, teach them complex activities (like critical thought), encourage them to use their imagination and not be bound by what dead ancestors say is okay to do, think, feel, dream about.

On second thought, fuck them.


One Response to “make up your mind–what mind?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You see, I am not sure they do follow their dead ancestors advice. Afterall they are always invoking the hallowed names of the “founding fathers” and in all honesty, those guys were pretty risque for their day. No I think the problem is that being sheepy kind of people they look for a flock leader who will interperate for them what he thinks the dead ancestors should have been doing and should be advising them to do. If only they were following the dead ancestors I bet they might loosen up a bit

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