How many more times?

24 September 2007

I admit that my need for yet another blog is minimal, but WordPress looked like a nifty toy and I am bored today. The theme of this blog will be creationism and anti-evolutionary idiocy of the likes of Behe, Dembski, et al. I will attempt to concentrate of anti-evolutionary events in the countries of the former USSR, because many other people, more capable than me, are already bashing ID/creationism in the West with great success, and I shall have very little to add to the discussion. There does not seem to be a comparable blog for Eastern Europe and ex-Communist countries (not in English, anyway). In the past, creationism did not really exist in the Soviet Union, but with the fall of Communism and pernicious spread of religion we are beginning to have some issues. Here is a rather frightening article.

Anyway, I shall attempt to come back and update this place as often as possible and try not to let it die of neglect…


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