…and the winner is…Educate-Yourself: the most ludicrous collection of pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo I have seen in a long time. From the “global warming myth”–to “monoatomic gold” (as opposed to what? complex gold molecules?;))–to “chemtrails”–to anti-vaccination propaganda–this site has it all, stated with absolute certainty which is always a sign of an idiotic charlatan. I was especially impressed with the ongoing appeals to the education of its readers. Apparently, all those evil governmental conspiracies can only convince those sadly lacking the knowledge of science (physics, biology, etc). By that measure, I must be a victim of mind-control, since the subjects that I am familiar with–mainly evolutionary biology, planetary science and physics in general (astrophysics in particular)–are so mangled as to appear unrecognizable in all the drivel.

Indeed, we live in a democracy, and the WWW has no rules, which is a good thing. But I wonder about people duped by this freakish and dangerous bullshit: what happens if somebody denies the benefits of polio vaccination to their child because they were convinced by this site that it–far from helping–will increase their child’s risk of cancer? Can they sue when the said child is crippled by the disease? I hope so.

I certainly have not seen that much m/disinformation and bullshit all stuck together in one location in a long time. After half an hour, I gave up in disgust, finding not a single word of veracity here. I wonder if I should charge them for my time…;)


As usual, Jon Swift has the best POV on the attorney firing scandal. As usual, conservative blogs have the most ridiculous twaddle (i.e. Clinton/Reno fired all attorneys in 1993, Bush fired 7 now, what’s the big deal? A: well, the big deal is, of course, that usually the incoming administration reappoints a whole bunch of civil servants, including, yes, federal prosecutors. That’s part of the job. However, midterm firings that are motivated solely by political pursuits, allowed by a little-known provision of the most egregious document ever to be pushed through legislature (y’know, the Patriot Act–do read it, it’ll make you better than almost any member of the Senate or the Congress, and, likely, more informed than Mr Bush himself, who obviously doesn’t read that much: he once said that he couldn’t remember what his favourite book was as a child, because, y’know, he just “wasn’t that much into books”), and, basically, contingent upon the said attorneys’ failure to pass the loyalty test to the administration, are a different beast entirely, neither donkey nor elephant, but more of an ebola virus. As (almost) everything this administration does, the whole things stinks of corruption, cronyism and incompetence. Amazing, really).

Midnight silliness

04 March 2007

The language of “awards” really should not apply to these…Pretty bloody disgusting.