Usually, one’s first post is supposed to be some sort of introduction; in my case, if you are reading this, an introduction is either unnecessary or superfluous: I don’t give a flying fuck if anybody knows just who I am, but only that they know what and how I think. I have no serious philosophical topics today, since I have been studying partial differential equations and perl modules for the last couple of weeks, neither of which lends itself to deep philosophical discussions easily. That fact itself could provide a basis for a philosophical discussion, and, grasping at conversational straws, here is one:

Many mathematicians seem to subscribe to some sort of a Platonic view of reality. The claim that mathematics works entirely (and mysteriously) too well in its utility in describing our universe is well-known. But hey, is that really the case? Most of the DEs have no analytical solution; one can use numeric methods to solve them, of course, but that sort of defeats the whole claim for the underlying analytical structure of the universe. What gives?