So, occasionally I meet a rational religious person and have an interesting conversation/debate and walk away unconvinced by their arguments–of course–but, at least, feeling that they should have the right to hold their opinions and promote them in peace. And then, right about then, some asshole like Jerry Falwell pipes up and says that global warming is Satan’s tool and that Christians should not concern themselves with it because God will take care of Earth until the Second Coming and I just want to…want to…

Such idiocy is not just, ahem, idiotic. It is positively dangerous and detrimental to society, just like the moronic Moslem concepts of heaven and jihad are dangerous and detrimental. This is why Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and Victor Stenger call for active intellectual opposition to religious garbage in general; no matter how insipid, religious–i.e. unfounded subjective–belief of any kind protects and supports violent fringe garbage of Falwellian/Wahhabian type. Karl Popper said that our tolerance of different points of view should not extend to those philosophies that are violently intolerant of others. Damn straight.

It’s bloody amazing: we cannot medicate ourselves or get a hooker in most places, but we can spout such trash without fear of legal repercussions just because we claim religious protection. Fuck that. I am done being friendly to bigoted idiots (unprejudicedly so, even without extreme prejudice…;)).

On the third hand, printable cold sores is rather funny, in a sickening sort of way.

Naturally, I wouldn’t be fulfilling my contract with the universe if I didn’t point you to yet another fascinating blog: Molecule of the Day. Check it out: today’s entry, chlorogenic acid!