After a long week at work (much longer than your regular week, no doubt due to subtle relativistic effects), I do not even come close to thinking. (At least, soon I may become the rare aging punk-rocker graduate student and not have to slave…on stupid irrelevant jobs, that is). In any case, it’s Saturday and a good day for meta-blogging; creativity ran dry, and Portland Jazz Festival is happening with a bunch of ECM musicians, so here:

For yet another surely insignificant reminder of the shite this planet is going through, see here

2036–here’s a doozie.

One chart to graph them all…

Is creationism stupid? Does a Jorg shit in the woods?

A beautifully written reality shot for the homophobic assholes.

And, naturally, a metablog of nothing but links would not be complete without a plug for one of my facourite pieces of software: XEphem. Get the damn thing, already. It even runs on Windoze…I think.

G’night, all.