…some belly laughs: the CBN article on the sorry piece of garbage that is going to be Expelled. The title is pretty funny: Evolution Exposed on the Big Screen, but I especially like the beginning of the second paragraph: “But drawing laughs is not the focus of this upcoming film”. But drawing laughs (a lot of them) is precisely what it is going to do!

On a more serious note, you may have heard that the producers of this film have lied to many biologists about the purpose and the content of it in an attempt to get interviews with them. This is a classic Creationist strategy: lie, whine and take quotes out of context. Fuck, I could rave about it for hours, but draw your own conclusions.

I mean, how do you argue with people like this? The sheer combination of inanity and ignorance is breathtaking!

For those that read Russian, an interesting article on the current courtroom challenges in Russia and the status of evolutionary theory is here. Despite the use of some dubious terminology (“darwinist”), it is all right. I especially like “Но для того чтобы убедить креационистов, кажется, потребуется божественное вмешательство” (“to change a creationist’s mind it would require divine intervention”) 😉

Did you know that an old version of spellcheck in AppleWorks that I had back in my junior year corrected “creationism” to “cretinism”? But despite being cretins in any normal sense of the word, their marketing and proselytizing skills are not entirely non-existent. Books for Russian market are published on a regular basis, and with the ongoing failure of Russian educational system, these could do some damage, not to the science of evolution, but to the political climate of the country.

Meanwhile, USA is scarcely better.