a long way to go

29 October 2007

So, South Africa will start requiring high schools to teach evolutionary theory. One is tempted to ask why they waited until 2007 to do so, but reading this article answers such questions: the degree of ignorance about science, both on the part of teachers and the author (consider that it is stated, apparently in all seriousness, that “evolution theory, and its growing body of followers, invariably generates tension between secular, atheist scientists and conservative religions.”, and “Evolution…is rated highly by education experts because they believe it teaches learners to think critically and analytically..”) Yes, it looks like an uphill battle, but certainly one that needs to be fought.


Bill Donohue, never one to miss a chance of being an epitome of what is horrible and wrong about religion, is already bashing The Golden Compass, not due for release for another month. The movie, apparently, is a rather bowdlerized version of a great book; Donohue recognizes that but is worried that “seeing the movie might prompt youngsters, or their parents, to read the books”.

If your religious beliefs are so weak that they may not withstand one fantasy novel, no wonder you are so fucking paranoid!

More details here. This includes the most odious statement from Father Jonathan Morris, a “Fox News contributor”: “These books by Pullman, is — they’re fiction of ideology. And ideology is a big thing. It distorts minds of kids. Have you ever met a really happy kid who is an atheist? I mean, give me a break. We have to spend our time helping kids become happy people. I don’t think this is the way.”

If ideology “distorts the minds of kids”, we should certainly not be pounding their brains with our religious beliefs! Is Father Morris opposed to Sunday Church? He should be; the effect of religious upbringing on a child is likely to be far more wide-reaching than a movie seen maybe twice.

Have you ever seen a happy atheist kid? I was; I know of several. All kids are atheists until brainwashed by their parents into a religion of their choice; most of them are happy; it is the idiocy of religions and the cognitive dissonance they engender that bring confusion and unhappiness. This seems to me so clear it should be obvious to an untrained observer…;)

Dembski’s Uncommon Descent blog is a wonderful place, full of giggles and unexpected humorous twists. A brilliant parody of Intelligent Design movement, indistinguishable from the real thing: dogmatic, idiotic, self-righteous and hilarious. Wait! It is the real thing! Damn! All the hilariousness appears to be unintended, such as their About page. Still, such lovely hijinx! such wonderful slapstick humour! Pity those people: they actually believe their own balderdash…

Those IDiots at Uncommon Descent are at it again, gleefully quote-mining a good research paper. The argument and the actual paper, being open source is here. Now I challenge anyone to read the paper and the IDiotic exchange that follows and not get the feeling that those guys just don’t get it at all. They don’t get the scientific method; they don’t get the science itself; they don’t get reality. They are in the grip of a strange ideology that utterly blinds them to any interpretations that differ from their own. They claim that we (“evolutionists”, “Darwinists”) are blind to possibilities, without seeming to realize that their pet alternative has been considered, analyzed, found wanting and discarded a long time ago. Evolution by natural selection can certainly turn out to have been a wrong idea—even though I consider that highly unlikely—but the balderdash of Intelligent Design is certainly wrong. We shouldn’t even waste time discussing it!

The level of dishonesty and ignorance at Uncommon Descent leads me to believe that perhaps life on this planet originated on several different occasions. I do not think I share any genetic material with them…

sheer idiocy…

27 September 2007

..at http://www.whoisyourcreator.com/. Go there, yell at them (logic and reason do not work with freaks such as those), tell them to go sit in the corner and actually study some biology and philosophy of science. I have no patience with morons of such high grade. On second thought, don’t: they’ll probably use the frequency of your visits to trumpet their site’s popularity as some kind of a proof of their sheerly stupid ontology.